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Call for Session Chairs​, Keynote Speakers and Committee Members

Call for Session Chairs​, Keynote Speakers and Committee Members

We are please to inform you that the 5th International Conference on Universal Village will be held on October 24-27, 2020 in Boston, USA. We are now calling for session chairs, keynote speakers and committee members. Sessions may include, but are not limited to:

1. Intelligent Transportation and Urban Planning

  • Intelligent transportation, intelligent vehicles, and its infrastructure
  • Traffic control & management, human-centered transportation
  • Urban planning, human mobility, distribution services, information circulation

2. Healthcare and Well-being

  • Pervasive & non-invasive health-monitoring
  • Personalized healthcare & Intelligent nursery
  • Senior care and assistive technology for mobility-challenged residents
  • Public health: changing trends and emerging new technologies

3. Intelligent Communities & New Lifestyles Enabled by Big Data & AI

  • Information & Communication Technology to improve quality of life
    • Social media, education and communication
    • Security, safety, reliability and privacy protection
    • Seamless wireless network, mobile computing, cloud storage
  • Intelligent monitoring & sensing. Robotics for dynamic applications.
  • Integrated energy management & Treatment for zero-emission
  • Response to emergency and global climate change

4. Data Management

  • Big data: data storage, vitalization, visualization, integration and mining
  • Deep learning
  • Human-centered computing & Planning & decision systems.

5. Green Energy and Materials

  • Emergent 3D printing and its applications
  • Energy-saving, greener manufacturing for electric vehicles and building constructions
  • Frontier of Artificial intelligence (A.I.) for advanced nanoscale materials development
  • Emergent materials for advanced electronic and photonic devices and novel sensors
  • Smart materials for ecological systems and healthcare
  • Renewable energy production, capture, storage, and transmission
    • Solar energy: photovoltaics, solar thermos
    • Wind energy: emergent wind turbine materials and novel design, simulations of tornado energy and its applications
    • Hydrogen: solar splitting water, fuel cells
    • Biomass, natural gas, and hydroelectric energy
    • Emergent battery materials and technologies for safer and higher energy density batteries
    • Energy storages and grids

6. Blue Energy and Materials (invited keynote speakers and posters)

  • Emergent technologies and devices for ocean wave energy capturing and storage
  • Emergently Anti-corrosion materials for blue energy devices
  • Challenges in Ocean Energy Storage Grids and Transmission
  • Blue Batteries based on the uses of ocean water
  • Modeling of the applications of hurricane
  • Theoretical simulations of ocean wave energy and its applications

7. Ecological and Environmental Systems

  • Innovative agriculture, Green roof
  • Ecological economy and strategy
  • Integrated solutions & new lifestyles to eliminate waste & pollution
  • Environmental protection and trash management
  • Effective microorganism technology

8. Special Sessions

  • Intelligent Modeling and Simulation
  • Future Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Effective Microorganisms Technology
  • System integration, implementation and evaluation
  • Culture/technology/habits and their changing trends
  • Urbanization: impact and challenges. Regional, cultural, and political factors.
  • Collaboration across companies, governments, universities and different countries.
  • Entrepreneurship and new investment for new UV technologies.

9. UV Forums

  • 9-A UV City Forum & UV City Evaluation
  • 9-B UV Student Forum
  • 9-C UV Industry & Entrepreneurship Forum

10. UV Poster Session & UV Exhibition

  • 10-A UV Poster
  • 10-B UV Exhibition

11. UV Days

12. UV Workshops