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Call for Session Chairs and Keynote Speakers

Call for Session Chairs and Keynote Speakers

Dear UV Friends, 

We are pleased to inform you that the 6th IEEE International Conference on Universal Village, IEEE UV2022, will again be held virtually on October 22-25, 2022, with the main venue in Boston, USA. We are now calling for session chairs and keynote speakers for IEEE UV2022.

Universal Village (UV) is a new concept proposed by MIT’s Universal Village Program which exemplifies an ideal future society that pursues harmony between humans and nature through the wise use of advanced technologies.  Previous IEEE UV conferences (UV2013, UV2014, UV2016, UV2018, and UV2020) were groundbreaking international venues that inspired successful collaboration between governments, academia, industries, and civil society.  IEEE UV2022 will continue to call for collective efforts from world-renowned experts across multidisciplinary fields to collaborate beyond traditional field boundaries.  

The Theme of IEEE UV2022 is “Post-Pandemic Reflection on Health, Harmony, and Sustainability: Mobility and Virtual Connection; Diversity and System Efficiency; Responsiveness and Resilience; Inclusiveness and Integration.” Sessions of IEEE UV2022 may include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

1. UV Vision, Development, and Evaluation

2. UV Framework, Design, Modeling, and System Integration

3.  Mobility, Planning, Management, and Infrastructure Innovations for Safety,  Efficiency, and Connectivity 

  • Intelligent Transportation, Urban Planning, and Smart City Infrastructure
  • Autonomous Vehicles, Mobility Support for Vulnerable Groups
  • Crowd Management, Smart Response Systems for Emergencies
  • Information Flow, Communication, Networks, and Security

4.  Energy and Material Innovations for Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability

  • Smart Energy Management and Storage for Future Mobility Needs
  • Renewable Energy, Smart Materials, and Devices

5.  Manufacturing and Agriculture Innovations for Sustainability

6.  Environmental Innovations for Harmony between Humans and Nature

  • Smart Environmental Protection, Ecological and Environmental Systems             
  • Mobility Enabled Material Cycles, Circular Economy
  • Trash and Scrap Collection, Processing, Reuse, and Recycling

7.  Lifestyle Innovations for Mobility, Connectivity, Efficiency, and Happiness

  • Mobility, Connectivity, and Innovative Lifestyles
  • Smart Homes and Community, Virtual Living

8.  Healthcare Innovations for Safety and Well-Being

  • Advanced Technologies for Healthcare Monitoring at Home, in Vehicles, and in Communities
  • Smart Medicine and Smart Healthcare
  • Public Health, Epidemic Prevention and Control 

9.  Human-Centered Social Innovations for Diversity, Inclusiveness, Fairness, and Preservation of Cultural Heritage

  • Urbanization and Smart Communities
  • Smart Government and Social Services
  • Integrated Solutions for Smart Humanity

10.  Data Management and Algorithm Development

11.  Special Sessions – New Proposed Sessions

Your extensive research experience and outstanding leadership would greatly promote UV’s development. You are welcome to contact us if you have interest in chairing one of the sessions, delivering a session keynote speech, or proposing a new session at IEEE UV2022. You may find the roles and responsibilities of session chairs in the attached link. Any of your suggestions or recommendations would be highly appreciated. 

For more information regarding IEEE UV conferences and the IEEE UV2022 plan, please refer to the IEEE UV Conference website:

Thank you very much for your generous support for UV Conferences! Let’s work together to make IEEE UV2022 another UV milestone!

Sincerely yours,

IEEE UV2022 Organizing Committee

The 6th IEEE International Conference on Universal Village