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UV K-12 Challenge 2022

UV K-12 Challenge 2022


Universal Village (UV) is a new concept proposed by MIT’s UV program. UV exemplifies an ideal future society that addresses the challenges that cities are currently facing in the process of development and pursues harmony between humans and nature through the wise use of advanced technologies.
UV International Conferences call for intensive interdisciplinary collaboration among world-renowned experts to address global challenges. Previous UV conferences (UV2013, UV2014, UV2016, UV2018, and UV2020) were groundbreaking international venues that inspired successful collaboration among governments, academia, and industries as well as civil society, and UV2022 will be yet another important milestone.

UV K-12 challenge is an IEEE UV2022 program that aims to build youth awareness of global issues and challenges facing humanity. As a multi-part series of activities, UV K-12 will uniquely cultivate the young generation’s creativity and leadership, facilitate understanding across cultures, and contribute to building a better world.
All youth who care about promoting human-nature harmony through the strategic use of intelligent technology are welcome to participate in this challenge. This year’s K-12 Challenge will host 6 different activities: Quiz Game, Talent Show, Current News Table Talk, Innovation Competition, Research Presentation, and Spotlight Talks. Each event will bring about an inspiring and thought-provoking session catered to youth.
Here, we sincerely welcome all aspiring young people to share their enthusiasm and creativity. We will help you turn your dreams into a reality. Together, let us make the world a better place!

Kahoot Quiz Game is an entertaining knowledge quiz designed by high school student volunteers. All participants will be playing an interactive online game called Kahoot with peers. Contact UV K-12 Challenge:

Talent Show is a special session where participants can share their talents in different art forms that express their understanding of the UV concept. The art forms include, but are not limited to music, photo/painting, dance, comedy, cooking, sport, poems, and show-and-tell.

Contact UV K-12 Challenge:

Current News Table Talk is a unique session launching at UV2022 K-12 Challenge. All participants will engage in an open-ended discussion. Students will be encouraged to share their viewpoints on various current issues or new developments. Join to learn about current news around the world!

Before the session, participants are expected to submit at least one current news topic. Categories include new developments in the STEM field, current politics, and topics of controversy. Please submit 3 news articles about your topic, a brief introduction to your topic, and submit at least 2 discussion questions. Submit and see examples at:

Contact UV K-12 Challenge:

Innovation Competition is an opportunity for all students to share their creativity and ingenuity. Participants with innovations related to their studies can participate and compete with peers. Any topic related to human-nature harmony or according to the UV perspective is welcomed. Interested? Fill out this form:

Contact UV K-12 Challenge:

Research Presentation is a UV K-12 Challenge session where all students who have research experience can share their studies. Students will give a 15 min presentation on their understanding of the topic followed by a 5 min Q&A. Any topic related to human-nature harmony or according to the UV perspective is welcomed. Please fill out this form

if interested in presenting. Contact UV K-12 Challenge:

Spotlight Talks is a new session starting at UV2022 K-12. As a series of influential speeches given by youth — for youth, Spotlight Talks gives students a unique platform to present their view on some of the most pressing issues society faces and a chance to inspire. If you are passionate about a topic in social justice, advice to K-12 students, or the UV perspective, we urge you to give a 10 to 20 minute Spotlight Talk to contribute to building a better world.

Three categories of topics:

  • Social justice (eg. Imposter syndrome, discrimination, challenges + how to overcome, gender inequality, prejudice)
  • Advice to K-12 (eg. college/grad school advice, procrastination, how to deal with set-backs, life as a ___ major)
  • UV perspective (eg. Importance of UV subsystems, present UV research)

Interested? Fill out this form:

Contact UV K-12 Challenge:

Participant Grade: K-12

Type: Individual or team

General Application Requirements:

  • Applicants’ Basic Information (Name, age, nationality, school, grade, email, phone number)
  • Applicants’ Project Abstract (About 300 words)
  • Project Presentation Slides (10-15 pages; the file size must be under 100M; Due two weeks before UV K-12 challenge commences)
  • Participants will conduct a 15-minute online project presentation followed by a 5-minute Q&A.

Important Dates for UV K-12 Challenge Session

  • Presentation abstracts due October 2022 TBA
  • Notification of abstract acceptance TBA
  • Final presentation materials due October 2022 TBA


UV K-12 Challenge Overview

  • Date: October 22-25, 2022
  • Language: English
  • Expected Participants: K-12 students, student advisors, researchers, and other attendees of UV2022
  • UV K-12 Challenge Setting: Virtual


Important links

Current News Table Talk template + examples:

Innovation Competition sign-up form:

Research Presentation sign-up form:

Spotlight Talks sign-up form: