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UV2020 Student Forum

UV2020 Student Forum


Date: October 24-25, 2020

Language: English

Expected Participants: Students, student advisors, researchers, and other attendees of UV2020


UV2020 Student Forum will be held online.


Universal Village (UV) is a new concept proposed by MIT’s UV program. UV exemplifies an ideal future society that addresses the current challenges cities are facing in the process of development and pursues harmony between humans and nature through the wise use of technologies.

At the present time, GDP increase brought by rapid urbanization comes at the cost of high metabolic rates, high waste per capita, severe lack of resources, heavy pollution, and waste siege. Furthermore, this lifestyle supported by environmental degradation and soaring resource consumption does not improve our health and wellbeing. According to a report in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology in 2013, today’s adults are less healthy than their counterparts of previous generations.

Current smart city solutions cannot fundamentally solve these problems, and they sometimes bring about unintended complications or paradoxical consequences. Subsystems of current smart cities, such as Smart Healthcare and Smart Homes, are still designed independently without considering the potential interaction among these subsystems. Present smart cities are not capable of providing an integrated, coordinated and inclusive solution for future sustainable development.

The UV concept is aimed at raising our attention to these challenges and making us reflect on our path of development. International Conferences on Universal Village are expected to establish an international platform for interdisciplinary collaboration on UV development, including theoretical exploration, scientific research, and framework design. UV International Conferences call for representatives from academia, industry, civil society and government to share their achievements and visions on how to address these global challenges.

The theme of IEEE UV2020 is “Seeking integrated, systematic, UV-oriented solutions for harmony, resilience, inclusion and sustainability,”  featuring systematic methodologies to improve quality of life. UV2020 speakers will share their visions on the following smart subsystems, impact factors as well as other relevant subjects:

UV subsystems: Smart Home and Community, Smart Medicine and Healthcare, Intelligent Transportation, Urban Planning, and Crowd Management, Smart Energy Management, Smart City Infrastructure, Smart Response Systems for City Emergencies, Smart Environmental Protection, Smart Humanity

UV impact factors: Information Flow, Material Cycle, Lifestyle, Community

In response to the calling of UV International Conferences, UV Student Forum has been founded to increase awareness among the young generation about the challenges and dilemmas humans are facing, cultivate young people’s creativity and leadership, encourage students’ entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and contribute to building a better world. In this session, students will exchange their research experience and visions with peers, host round-table discussion, propose future plans for UV student clubs and participate in interactive activities.


UV Student Forum featured speakers will include (1) Presenters who will introduce their ongoing research and provide an overview for current technologies, (2) Student Entrepreneurs and Pitch Contestants, and (3) Leaders of different student organizations which share a similar mission to promote human-nature harmony.


UV2020 Student Forum includes the following events:

  • Talent Shows and Online Games

UV Student Forum will hold featured sessions where participants can share their talents in different art forms that express their understanding of the UV concept. The art forms include, but are not limited to, UV photo/painting gallery, UV short videos, UV poems, UV theme songs, and UV dance. Participants will also enjoy interactive online games with peers.

  • UV Introduction Video

UV Student Forum welcomes all participants to share your understanding of the UV concept and your visions for UV future development through videos.

  • UV Research Project Report

Students will be invited to present their ongoing research work, including system evaluation, framework design, and algorithm development relevant to various UV topics.

  • Technology News, Social Hot Topics, Future Vision

Students will participate in a round-table meeting to discuss featured topics, including latest news on cutting-edge technologies, social hot topics, and how these emergent technologies are changing our lifestyles.

  • UV Philosophy and Stories sharing

UV Student Forum encourages participants to share their experiences in this smart era and their perspectives on how to solve the challenges that are introduced by emergent technologies, such as new legal, social, and ethical challenges posed by applications of AI.

  • UV Entrepreneurship Initiative and Pitch Competition

UV Student Forum also invites all students to share their perspectives on what is really needed in this smart era and what is the roadmap for UV development in order to achieve human-nature harmony. UV Student Forum encourages students to share their entrepreneurial ideas and to transform their ideas and research results into meaningful products that can make the world better. Student Entrepreneurs will be invited to share their experience on how to start and build a business from the bottom up. Students who have mature entrepreneurial ideas are invited to apply for UV Pitch Competition.

  • Future Development of UV Club and UV Student Forum

UV Student Forum encourages students to develop leadership skills and to establish UV Clubs, which aim to enhance human-nature harmony through wise use of technology, in their own schools. Student leaders from different groups, which share similar missions as UV, will be invited to share their experience on how to lead their organizations. UV Student Forum aims to establish an international alliance of different student organizations or clubs and host a series of interesting events, including virtual seminars, hackathons and panel discussion.

All participants will be invited to share their perspectives on the future development of the UV Student Forum. UV Student Forum welcomes suggestions for how to implement these visions specifically and how to run UV Clubs sustainably and continuously.


All applicants can submit presentation abstracts and presentation materials for the Student Forum session. Please submit a one-page abstract (200-300 words), which briefly introduces your presentation content and presentation materials (e.g. 20-25 pages of PowerPoint/PDF slides, UV Introduction Videos, UV Poems, UV Theme Songs) to UV2020 Paper Submission System (

Please follow the Paper Submission Instructions to submit your documents to Category XII Session 12-B. When you are in the process of submitting these required documents, please put your abstract in the Paper Information Form. Please treat other documents as individual conference papers and upload them using the UV2020 Paper Submission System (

Authors of accepted presentation abstracts (or at least one of the authors) are expected to register and to present their ideas at IEEE UV2020.


Presentation abstracts due September 30, 2020
Notification of abstract acceptance October 7, 2020
Final presentation materials due October 20, 2020


UV Student Forum, proposed, host and organized by students, is a great platform provided by the International Society of Universal Village that encourages the young generation to contemplate on the future of the human race, to work together to find solutions for imminent problems, and to achieve sustainable happiness through wise use of technologies.

UV Student Forum sincerely welcomes your participation and ideas! We are looking forward to your vision and leadership!