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IEEE UV2024 Committee Invitation

Dear IEEE UV2024 Committee Members,

Thanks to your great leadership and generous support, IEEE UV 2022 was very successful, and we are now ready to start preparation for the 7th IEEEInternational Conference on Universal Village, IEEE UV2024, which will be held virtually on October 19-22, 2024 from Boston, USA.

In view of your outstanding contribution to past UV conferences, we are honored to invite you to be executive committee members for IEEE UV2024. Attached please find the IEEE UV2024 plan with the executive committee list for your review.

Universal Village (UV) is a new concept proposed by MIT’s Universal Village Program which exemplifies an ideal future society that pursues harmony between humans and nature through the wise use of advanced technology.  Following the previous IEEE UV conferences, IEEE UV2024 continues to call for collective efforts from world-renowned experts across multidisciplinary fields to collaborate beyond traditional field boundaries via this groundbreaking international project. We are thrilled that our UV conferences have inspired successful collaboration among governments, academia, industries, and civil society.

The theme of IEEE UV2024 is “Reflections on Human – AI Relationships and AI-Pervasive Societal Transformation: Human-centricity, Explainable AI, and Intent & Behavior Understanding for Integration, Resilience, Inclusiveness, and Sustainability.”  Please refer to the attached IEEE UV2024 plan for the features and the topics of UV2024. 

Your extraordinary research experience and outstanding leadership are extremely important for promoting UV development, so we would greatly appreciate it if you would accept this invitation to share your forward-looking vision with us at IEEE UV2024.

Let’s work together to make IEEE UV2024 another successful UV milestone!

Sincerely yours,

IEEE UV2024 Organizing Committee
The 7th IEEE International Conference on Universal Village