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IEEE UV2022 Program At A Glance

October 22-25th, 2022, U.S.EDT

19:00-23:00 [SF] Student Forum – UV Introduction & Workshop [SF] IEEE UV2022 Student Forum
7:30-12:55 [SF] Student Forum – Panel Discussion /Round table discussion [SF] IEEE UV2022 Student Forum
13:00-18:00 [K12C] K12 Activities [K12C] IEEE UV2022 K-12 Competition
20:30-00:30 [CF] Digital City Forum [CF] IEEE UV2022 Digital City Forum
20:00-21:25 [TS4-A,4-B] Renewable Energy and Smart Energy Management & Smart Materials and Devices [TS4-A,4-B] IEEE UV2022 Session
Integrated Solutions for Smart Humanity [TS9-C,9-D] IEEE UV2022 Session
 Smart Design and Design Ethics
21:00-23:00 [TS11-C] Advance in Distributed Energy System: Design, Simulation and Operation [TS11-C] IEEE UV2022 Session
8:00 – 12:00 [TS1-A]
Vision for Universal Village and UV Indices [TS1-A,1-B] IEEE UV2022 Session
Development Status of Universal Village
8:00 – 12:00 [TS1-C] Evaluation of Smart City-Related Methods, Technologies, and Systems [TS1-C] IEEE UV2022 Session
9:50 – 12:10 [TS8-A] Ultrasound Technologies for Biomedical Application [TS8-A] IEEE UV2022 Session
8:00 – 11:05 [TS10-A]
Responsible and Ethical Data Management and Processing [TS10-A,10-B] IEEE UV2022 Session
Learning Algorithm Development, Analysis and Interpretability
20:00-21:00 [TS11-A] Education Systems in the Universal Village City of the Future [TS11-A][PE] IEEE UV2022 Session
14:00 – 17:00
20:30 – 24:00
[SF] Student Forum – Research Presentation [SF] IEEE UV2022 Student Forum
13:00-14:30 [K12C] K12 – Spotlight Talks [K12C] IEEE UV2022 K-12 Competition
15:00-15:30 K12 – Talent Show
8:00-12:10 [PS] Opening Ceremonty &
Plenary Session 1
[Main] IEEE UV2022
12:30-18:00 Plenary Session 2 & 3
20:00-23:00 [TS6-A]
Smart Ecological and Environmental Systems [TS6-A, 6-B] IEEE UV2022 Session
Mobility Enabled Material Cycles, the Circular Economy, Trash and Scrap Collection, Processing, Reuse, and Recycling
20:00-23:00 [TS7-A]
Smart Homes and Community, Virtual Living [TS7-A,7-B] IEEE UV2022 Session
Mobility, Connectivity, and Innovative Lifestyles
8:00-12:00 [TS2-B] Intelligent Modeling, Simulation, and System Analysis [TS2-B] IEEE UV2022 Session
8:00-9:40 [TS3-A] Intelligent Transportation, Urban Planning, and Smart City Infrastructure [TS3-A,3-B,3-C,3-D] IEEE UV2022 Session
9:40-10:00 [TS3-B] Intelligent Vehicles, Mobility Support for Vulnerable Groups
10:00-10:20 [TS3-C] Crowd Management, Smart Response Systems for City Emergencies
10:20-10:40 [TS3-D] Information Flow, Communication, Networks, and Security
8:00-22:55 [TS5-A] Smart Manufacturing [TS5-A] IEEE UV2022 Session
8:00-12:00 [TS5-B] Smart Argriculture [TS5-B] IEEE UV2022 Session
8:00-11:45 [TS8-B] Smart Medicine and Smart Healthcare [TS8-B] IEEE UV2022 Session
Urbanization and Smart Communities [TS9-A,9-B] IEEE UV2022 Session
Smart Government and Social Services