UV Forums

The three UV Forums—City ForumIndustry Forum, and Student Forum—are one independent part of the UV Categories and Sessions of the Universal Village Program. Each of the forums provides a platform for academic discussion of related topics and can be held by any organization, at any time, in any location. UV Forums will be organized as one of the events at every International Conference on Universal Village.

We encourage you to submit proposals to hold forums in any of the three categories listed below to UV headquarters.

UV City Forum

The UV City Forum aims to establish a platform for discussion of the development and process of urbanization. Primary topics include proposed UV lifestyles, Smart City technologies, and pollution management

UV Industry Forum

The UV Industry Forum aims to establish a platform for discussion of invention and innovation in industrial production and manufacturing. Primary topics include modern manufacturing technology, material science, and architecture design and construction.

UV Student Forum

The UV Student Forum aims to establish a platform for international students to exchange their research experience and vision with peers, to get constructive feedback from senior researchers, and to collaborate beyond the boundaries of individual research fields.

UV Forums

UV2020 Student Forum

Date: October 24-27, 2020 Language: English Expected Participants: Students, studen...[Read More]

Insatiable Curiosity

Insatiable Curiosity is the well spring of discoveries and new knowledge. Speaker: Pr...[Read More]

AARD & UV Seminar at MIT

The speech by Prof. Zhonglin Wang at UV Forum.