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Session 8-B: Smart Medicine and Smart Healthcare

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Sunday, Oct 25, 17:00-21:00, US Eastern Standard Time

Session 8-B:  Smart Medicine and Smart Healthcare
Stanley TAO
Session Chair

Director of Universal Village Society
Canada Office

Session 8-B:  Smart Medicine and Smart Healthcare
Keynote Speaker

Professor in INSERM, France

TOPIC: Structure-function Analysis of Spike Proteins to Reveal Origin of High Contagiousness of SARS-CoV2    

Session 8-B:  Smart Medicine and Smart Healthcare
Rajkumar HALDER
Keynote Speaker

Professor Amity University, India. Founder of Ruhvenile Biomedical OPC, India

TOPIC: Ruhvenile Biomedical OPC, India Development of new therapeutics for antimicrobial resistance for better public health   


Smart healthcare is one major component of smart city systems. More innovative technologies of smart healthcare are able to improve the management of healthcare sector, optimally utilize healthcare resources, and reduce financial cost while maintaining or even enhancing quality level of healthcare services. Smart healthcare integrates kinds of modern technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, blockchain and Nano technology. These integrations can provide customized healthcare solutions without time and space limitations.


  • Smart healthcare on postoperative patient-controlled analgesia
  • Building AI-based predictive model for early cognitive impairment after ischemic stroke: a pilot study
  • Application of compressed sensing algorithm in wearable devices
  • An innovative detection model of Chick embryo based on images bulk data algorithm in the vaccine production