Universal Village (UV) Engine

The Goal of UV Engine

UV Engine is one of UV’s programs. UV Engine organizes teams from world-renowned experts across multi-disciplinary fields to collaborate beyond traditional field boundaries to solve the world’s challenges through the convergence of cutting-edge science, engineering, and leadership. UV Engine aims to create an innovative environment for UV Engine companies to pioneer solutions to overcome the most complex challenges in the world. UV Engine companies work in UV concept areas such as Intelligent Transportation Systems, Urban Planning and Crowd Management, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Response Systems for Emergencies, Smart Energy Management, Smart Environmental Protection, Smart Home and Community, Smart Medicine and Healthcare as well as Smart Humanity.

UV Engine Companies

Joy Group and Joy AI Police

Robostreet Trucks


The Autonomous Driving Revolution: Debunking the Necessity of 5G Connectivity

Wei Wang 1 and Xiaoman Duan 2

1, Robostreet Trucks
2, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The advent of autonomous driving has ushered in a new era of transportation, promising safer roads and increased efficiency. With the rollout of 5G technology, many have speculated that its capabilities are indispensable for the realization of self-driving vehicles. However, this paper aims to challenge this assumption by examining the current state of autonomous driving technology and highlighting the fact that 5G is not a necessary requirement for its successful implementation. Through a thorough analysis of existing autonomous driving systems and their communication needs, we demonstrate that self-driving vehicles can function effectively without relying on 5G connectivity.

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