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UV K-12 Challenge 2020

UV K-12 Challenge 2020


Universal Village (UV) is a new concept proposed by MIT’s UV program. UV exemplifies an ideal future society that addresses the challenges that cities are currently facing in the process of development and pursues harmony between humans and nature through the wise use of advanced technologies.

UV International Conferences call for intensive interdisciplinary collaboration among world-renowned experts to address global challenges.  Previous UV conferences (UV2013, UV2014, UV2016, and UV2018) were groundbreaking international venues that inspired successful collaboration among governments, academia, and industries as well as civil society, and UV2020 will be yet another important milestone.

UV K-12 challenge is a new program starting at UV2020 which aims to increase awareness among the young generation of the challenges and dilemmas humans face.  It will cultivate young people’s creativity and leadership, encourage students’ entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and contribute to building a better world.

UV K-12 challenge is an inclusive, education-oriented special session. All K-12 students who care about harmony between humans and nature are welcome to participate in this challenge. If you or your team has excellent ideas or project plans in any of the listed categories, please participate in this inspiring and exciting program.

Please share your passion and creative ideas with us. We are here to help you make your team’s dreams happen.  Together, we will make the world a better place!


Online Game

Online Game is an entertaining knowledge quiz designed by high school student volunteers that all participants will be playing interactive online games with peers.

Research Presentation

Research Presentation is a session content where all students who have research experience in their study can share their understanding of the topic. The Topic domain includes Category I, II, III, but not limited to these three Categories. Any topic related to human-nature harmony, UV perspective is welcomed by UV K-12 Challenge Session.

Innovation Competition

Innovation Competition is a competition where all students who have their own creative ideas about their study can participate and compete with peers. The Study Topic also includes Category I, II, III, but not limited to these three Categories. Any topic related to human-nature harmony, UV perspective is welcomed by UV K-12 Challenge Session.

Talents Shows

Talent Shows is a special session content where participants can share their talents in different art forms that express their understanding of the UV concept. The art forms include, but are not limited to, UV photo/painting gallery, UV short videos, UV poems, UV theme songs, and UV dance.

Participant Grade: K-12

Type: Individual or team

Application Requirements for Presentation, Competition and Talent Shows:
● Applicants’ Basic Information (Name, age, nationality, school, grade, email, phone number)
○ Applicants’ Project Abstract (About 300 words)
● Applicants of Research Presentation and Competition :
○ Project Presentation Slides (10-15 pages; the file size must be under 100M)
● Applicants of Talent Shows:
○ Material Choice: Poster design, photography, painting, poetry, song, music, drama, short video, or other art forms
● Presentation format:
○ Participants will conduct a 15-minute online project presentation followed by a 5-minute Q&A.
Important Dates for UV K-12 Challenge Session:
Presentation abstracts due September 30, 2020
Notification of abstract acceptance October 7, 2020
Final presentation materials due October 20, 2020
UV K-12 Challenge Overview
Date: October 24-25, 2020
Language: English
Expected Participants: K-12 students, student advisors, researchers, and other attendees of UV2020
UV K-12 Challenge  Setting
UV2020 K-12 Challenge will be held online.