UV Education

Goal of UV Education: UV Education is one of the programs in UV. It aims to create a warm, friendly, and innovative environment for UV students to learn, research, and communicate either online or in person. UV Education makes an effort to organize student events during each UV Conference such as student speeches, posters, and forums. UV Student Forum (UVSF) has established a platform for students to exchange their research experience and vision with each other. Students also receive constructive feedback from senior researchers and collaborators from different research fields.


UVSF is a platform for international students to exchange ideas, visions and experiences. UVSF invites students and student group leaders from various backgrounds to communicate and to share their vision of the future community, environment, and lifestyles.

UV Education and UVSF are open to all the attendees of the UV Conferences.

Roundtable Discussions

Development of UVSF
Research progress
International student organizations
Experience of starting companies.

Research Presentations

Student teams are invited to present their ongoing research work relevant to various UV topics, including:

Intelligent transportation systems
Smart healthcare
Smart energy
Smart environment
Smart home & communities
Humanity & culture