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Joy Group and Joy AI Police

Joy Group and Joy AI Police

Our Background

Joy Group was founded in 2014 by Dr. Ding Heng and a group of Ph. Ds and scholars who completed excellent studies and research in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science to dedicate in the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for better commuting and trip experience in modern society and a better environment in future.

Joy Group and Joy AI Police
Chairman of the board: Dr. Ding, Heng



Joy Group and Joy AI Police
CEO: Dr. Su, Lijuan

During the past years, Joy Group team made innovations on:

  • Core AI algorithms and the framework of AI algorithms
  • Dynamic and complex traffic flow simulation
  • Real-time control model and co-scheduling model
  • V2X and data link interchange
  • Reinforcement deep learning

Joy Group provides solid solutions to resolve traffic issues in big modern cities, especially metropolises, and makes great efforts on building smart cities. Joy Group supports the transformation of commuting and trip mode, creating a safe and pleasant experience for driving, walking, cycling and jogging, and better protecting the environment by minimizing emissions and noise. Joy Group creates unique economic and social value in modern society development.

Joy Group Structure and Divisions

Our Mission

Discovering the marvelousness of information from mathematics and physics, perfecting and consummating our wisdom to serve human society. With this mission in mind, Joy Group dedicated to develop the most advanced technology to resolve the issue embedded in the growth of business in human society.

The current target of the company is to create a system for safer, more efficient and effective transportation system, which is named “Joy AI Police” and invented in 2016, this system has made big contributions in resolving traffic jam, minimizing carbon emission, and developing Cyber-Physical Systems. The “Joy AI Police” is empowered with advanced AI real-time control algorithm, which enables it to monitor the whole transportation from a God-like perspective. It monitors the transportation condition on each cross (including crosswalk) per second and calculates the most efficient signal control scheme on traffic lights. This will assign the right-of-way precisely to pedestrians and vehicle drivers to minimize waiting time, which can cut the burning of fuel and dump of carbon in the atmosphere. This will enable the most efficient utilization of roads for traffic flow and avoid traffic congestion for big cities. Further, it senses the pedestrians on crosswalk and non-motor vehicles on the roads for precise control of traffic lights, thereby ensuring the safety and efficiency of all people on the road to the greatest extent. Equipped with this “Joy AI Police”, it will bring the advantage for urban planning and design for a city with no traffic jam and minimized accidents so that traffic time is predictable and joyful for everyone.

As the founder and chairman of the board, Dr. Ding said “To minimize the traffic delay in peak hour, “Joy AI Police” has the ability to coordinate the controls on multiple crosses and regions and linking the dot and line to grid on the city map of transportation monitoring and control system. It serves like there is a most brilliant traffic police on each cross for traffic 24/7 on every single moment.”

 Joy AI Police interviewed by CCTV

Our Value

For a modern society, time is life, reputation, and money. The biggest challenge of modern cities is traffic. Who never experienced waiting on the road and hope for a helicopter to offer you a ride to your destination? The traffic not only costs time waste of commuters but also has pollution of emission and noise and even delay of vehicles of emergency such as ambulances and fire trucks (though they have priority granted by law). The economic loss of traffic related issue is up to 7% of GDP per annul in China.

Joy Group has a customer-orientated business plan for the economic and social value increasing for modern cities, especially metropolises. The teams in Joy Group innovate the “Joy AI Police” system with advanced AI algorithm and 5G communications for the modernization of urban traffic signal system, traffic monitoring system, and traffic control system, which created unique value for traffic jam solution – a safe and joyful experience on your commuting and trip.

According to the evaluation from an authoritative third party, the “Joy AI Police” system increased the traffic system efficiency by 35% compared with the traditional traffic system with old designed fixed time traffic lights.The “Joy AI Police” system will save hundreds of billions of economic loss in dollars and million tons of carbon emission due to the traffic each year for China, which brings a huge economic and social profit to the whole society.

Our Future

Joy Group has completed successful “Joy AI Police” projects in many major cities in China, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan, Xiangyang, etc. Joy Group is currently working and expanding the successful experience in other major cities in China such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Zhongshan, Zhanjiang etc.

Joy Group is continually working on improving the “Joy AI Police” system on better analysis of the characteristics of different crosses and different road conditions with its powerful deep learning technology. In future, the “Joy AI Police” system will be widely used on most complex roads to better serve commuting and trip. These include:


  • Improving the performance by integrating the function of signal interaction, which creates a safer and more efficient traffic environment. This will effectively (not only on the paper) grant road priority to emergency and public service vehicles.
  • Upgrading the navigation system which can show drivers with most accurate 3D road map that has clear and live conditions of roads and crosses. This will help drivers better plan their driving path; make quick decisions according to the most recent change of road situations; avoid heading to traffic jam or the dead end of the roads.
  • Enhancing the reliability of autonomous vehicles and driverless cars on complex road conditions such as road cross mixed with vehicles and pedestrians in a metropolises downtown. Currently, the autonomous vehicles and driverless cars are not able to make quick and reliable decision on such situations as whether it should make and how to make either left turn, right turn, round turn, or stay stopped. With “Joy AI Police” and “Joy AI V2X” system, the autonomous vehicles and driverless cars are equipped with live and dynamic road conditions embedded on accurate road map. Therefore, it will be much easier and faster for the autonomous vehicles and driverless cars to make safe and reliable decisions on turning, changing lanes, and moving forward or back.

With the support from Joy Group, your commuting and trip time is a joy. It is the time and experience you are looking forward for a long time.

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